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Favorite Copied Move from Smash Bros. Games?
Kirby has a wide array of characters to eat throughout this series. He's sampled every one of them, and then used some of their signature attacks for himself.

Which one of these costumes/moves is your favorite to copy as Kirby?

For me, it's a no-brainer. Monado Kirby is the best thing ever. Once you've copied Shulk, have fun using Jump and bouncing all over the stage.

In terms of costume, however, my favorite has to be the Corrin mask, simply because of how ridiculous it looks on him. Tongue
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I'm one of those weirdos who hardly ever used Copy while playing as Kirby in the Smash games, so I don't think I'd have a real choice for functionality, I just never really found the ability to burrow a character's basic special move to be all that worthwhile, considering how much work you needed to do.

As far as costume/appearance, that's a tough call. I think my favorites would probably be Captain Falcon (the way he says Falcon Punch~ <3 ), Meta Knight (the little wings~!), and Samus. I always found Sonic and Snake to be pretty amusing though.
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