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Marxtrash's assorted headcanons
Exactly what it says on the title 
* during the events of the crystal shards, 02 sent dark nebula to pop star while Kirby wasn't there. Meta knight proceeded to kick dark nebula's butt, sealed it in a chest, put the chest I. Dedede's castle and told nobody about it because meta knight is a poor communicator 
* Sailor dee and Bandana dee are best friends
* Magolor met Marx while Marx was trying to get to space to commence his plan. Magolor offered Marx a ride to NOVA, and during the trip, Marx told magolor about his plan. Then, after getting his butt kicked by landia, magolor decided to use the same strategy as marx, because Kirby is gullible.
* Marx has a collection of jester hats.
* Necrodeus is very sensitive to light, and instead of going somewhere dark, he just destroys light sources because he is a grumpy unreasonable skeleton thing. also he's evil and evil doesn't like "reason" or "useing simple solutions"
* Claycia and elline are somewhere between best friends and girlfriends.
I like these. Very in-keeping with the tenor of the series.
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