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guess who's back
Hellooooo, everyone, it's good to be back on Meta Naito! Remember me? Of course y'all do; Fubaka was the one who told me the forums were back up and running in the first place. How is everyone?
Welcome back, XTT. Smile

There hasn't been much activity on the forums itself recently, but don't let that stop you from posting if you have something to share.

Also, we have a Discord channel, which still has semi-regular activity. Feel free to join it if you want:
"We are the music makers - and we are the dreamers of the dreams."

Noble President (Admin) of Meta Naito forums. Send me PM if anything is amiss.
Nice to meet you XTT!
Welcome back to the new and improved Meta Naito, XTT!
Welcome back.
True beauty... is control the realization that everything you see came to exist out of nothing, all by itself, just because it was possible.

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