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Content Help Wanter
Hey guys!

So things on the website have been changing, a lot of what I have been up to is not currently on the website and is backend. Waddle Dee has also returned from her mission and will soon be doing stuff for the website as well. Are current plans are this:

Meta Naito - Web Master, manages the code that keeps both the main website and forums up.
Waddle Dee - Content Manager, manages the content of the web site and puts new content up.
Fubaka - Forum Manger, takes care of everything concerning the forums. 

As such on top of everything we have to do outside of the website it has not really got updated that well in the past couple years out side of design and functionality. As such we would like to offer you guys, the community, to contribute and make this site full and thriving with information. So what we are asking is content creators. 

What do we expect?
-Quality content that is worth peoples time look at.
   -This includes well written sentences and well taken pictures.
-Completeness, we expect a complete guide or a semi-complete guide ended in a good place to stop (such as the end of the world)

What do you get in return?
-Your name in a new page for contributors.
-Our heart felt gratitude
-Possible perks on the forums and/or website in the future.

Please keep in mind we need all sorts of content. Ranging from images for the gameplay page, cut sense footage, and boss battle guides. So there is plenty for all. And if you aren't sure if what you can do is enough feel free to ask us!

Waddle Dee will be in charge of this endeavor and we will be working out details soon. However for now please PM and tell me what you would be interested in doing and we can get you started soon. 

Thanks for all your support!

~Meta Naito
We can recruit potential candidates from r/kirby as well. There's no shortage of them.
Also, I forgot to mention you are not required to know any programing! Waddle Dee will take care of all that.

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