The Rules
Welcome to Meta Naito Forums.

Our code of conduct here is simple, but malleable. I (Fubaka) and any mods will operate within the spirit of what is lain down here, and unless you are being particularly egregious, you will be warned if you are breaking the rules or are in danger of doing so. If you see a user breaking the rules, do not engage them directly. Contact me or a mod with the details and we will handle it.

If you feel unfairly dealt with by a mod, send all concerns to me.

Here's what will definitely get you banned:
  • Spam
  • Harassment of users
  • Illicit internet activity (Piracy, etc.)
  • Hateful incitement
  • Repeated violation of bullet points in the second list
Here's stuff that probably won't get you banned, but you should still avoid doing:
  • Posting a thread in the wrong forum
  • Going off-topic in a thread (outside of Mischief Marsh)
  • Repeatedly self-promoting
  • Making eyesore posts (outside of Mischief Marsh)
  • Having an eyesore signature
  • Discussing politics and other sensitive issues
  • Discussing mature content without proper warning/context
  • Swearing
  • Foul mood posting
  • Begging to be promoted to mod
  • Sass-talking or ignoring Moderators+
Apart from that, just be respectful, and you will do just fine here. If you have questions about these rules, please post in Suggestion Sails, or PM me or a mod. Please do not PM Meta Naito about these things (unless for some reason you need to lodge a complaint about me Tongue).
Just to be clear. You are allowed to discuss mature content on this forum. There are three caveats, however:

1 - It can't just be mature for mature's sake. I.e., don't talk about it just because it has mature content.

2 - You put an apt warning in the thread title or your post. For a thread, use a prefix like [Mature] or [M rated]. For a Post, I highly recommend using a spoiler box to put it in. This isn't necessary if you post inside a thread marked for mature content.

3 - Do not use foul language, unless you are quoting. (and again, follow rule 1, don't use a quote because it has swearing in it)
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