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Official Nintendo Switch Thread
Looks like I won't be getting the Breath of the Wild edition of the Nintendo Switch, as that doesn't exist. However, all Nintendo Switch pre-orders and Breath of the Wild pre-orders are sold out before I could even act upon them.

However, I will get my hands on the Switch and Breath of the Wild as soon as I can.
I didn't have time to see everything for the Switch (certainly wasn't going to watch a hour and a half long video before work and still have no plans for that), but I did watch some videos and read some things of interest. Here are my thoughts:

Price: $300 was more or less what I expected it to be, I'm not sure why anybody would complain about it being too expensive. I'm disappointed that Nintendo seems to be going with the monthly subscription route regarding online play though. Not a big deal for me, as I don't partake in online play anyhow, but hopefully there's no dumb shenanigans like needing a subscription just to buy stuff on their store. Apparently they're going to include a monthly rotated NES and/or Super NES game for those who do subscribe though, for what that's worth.

Controls: I'm still iffy on what appears to be the main controller design to be used while at home, but it might be one of those cases like the Wii U pad where it's actually a lot more comfy and nowhere near as cumbersome as it looks to hold; I'm willing to give that a benefit of a doubt.

Games: A lot of them I'm not very familiar with and/or don't really care about, so I'll just talk about the ones of interest to me.

I'm quite liking what I saw of Super Mario Odyssey, looks really solid. Bowser looks super snazzy in that white suit, which I love. Tongue Mario's new move with throwing his hat like a boomerang looks quite interesting.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looks promising; it looks like they fixed a lot of the complaints regarding Battle mode by including stages designed for Battle mode specifically. Looks like they'll be quite a bit of new content as well, as they have Splatoon characters and a stage going; makes me wonder just how Nintendo views the Mario Kart franchise tho, as it seems to be going into Super Smash Bros. territory now with the Nintendo character crossovers. I'm liking how they seem to have included the DLC from the original as well.

I'm shocked and appalled to see a new Bomberman game of all things, seeing as Konami, the company that owns Bomberman for the past few years, hasn't exactly had a stellar reputation in the last couple of years. Game does looks promising though.

I'm happy to see Sonic Mania coming to Switch as well; it looks absolutely amazing and it's quite possibly the Sonic game I've been waiting about 15 years for. I'm not sure if I'll get it on the Switch as I have already pre-ordered it for PC, but I may.

That Puyo Pop and Tetris crossover is something else; I have no idea how something like that would even work, given how fundamentally different the two games are. It's probably going to be one of those "wait and see" kind of things.

I don't have much of anything to say about Fire Emblem Warriors, seeing as that was literally just a teaser trailer. I'm imaging this will be something along the lines of Hyrule Warriors, which was basically Dynasty Warriors with Zelda characters, which I could get behind.

Overall, I'm quite interested, but I don't think it's quite enough to warrant a day-one purchase for me; I'm probably going to wait until at least half a year before I consider picking one up, once we have a larger selection of games to browse through. I do, however, have to say that Nintendo needs to get their Virtual Console stuff right from the the get go; I understand they want to continuously release some games for it even now and then, but maybe a handful of classic releases every month or so isn't going to cut it and they absolutely need more than just a dozen or so Virtual Console games available at launch.
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It's more than likely that "F-Zero" game actually IS Fast Racing Neo.

I am more than likely getting the Switch on launch day, we just have to see the launch lineup.

I am also wondering about that new sonic game (not sonic mania). I know that it has classic sonic in it, and that it has a new mechanic in it, but that is all we truly know atm.
This in, from Twitter:

Dr. Serkan Toto Wrote:1) Just in: Nintendo president Kimishima tells the Nikkei Switch's online service will be priced at 2-3,000 yen ($17.50 - $26.50) *YEARLY*.

That's pretty low. Much lower than I expected. How will this fund itself?
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It would more likely to be averaged at ¥2500.

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