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Does anyone else really not like My Nintendo?
This is a bit of a rant on my part, but it's something that's really been annoying me for a while now and I'm wondering if others feel differently about it.

I used to be part of Nintendo's earlier reward program, Club Nintendo.  As I understand it, the rewards used to be some really cool stuff you could only get from those old rewards programs, like cool figures and such.  During their time as Club Nintendo, the rewards used to vary from nifty physical media, like decks of playing cards, pouches for your Nintendo DS, and other such things, to actually free downloads of games, usually an assortment of Virtual Console games that would change up every few weeks.  I used to get a few of my Virtual Consoles games from this manner.  Sure, the rewards really weren't all that great, and the more unique rewards were basically out of my range (that Game and Watch machine), but there were usually at least some things I could get and make use of.

Now though?  It's all junk I don't care about.  Rewards for those junk mobile games, that I can't play even if I wanted to as I don't have a smartphone?  Discounts (not even all that great discounts to begin with) towards digital games chances are you already have anyway?  The free downloads are a joke too; character themes for your 3DS?  Picross?  Flipnote Studio 3D (which they gave away to Club Nintendo members for absolutely nothing)?  PC wallpapers that aren't even anything really special?  I ended up getting some of those character themes solely because there wasn't anything of interest and I felt like I was only collecting these points for nothing otherwise.

I legitimately feel ripped off here, I have all these points I cannot do anything with, as there's nothing I want.  Seriously, I have over 2200 platinum points that I can't do anything with and 150 gold points I can't find any use for.  If Nintendo is only going to offer discounts, at the very least let me apply it to any purchase on the e-shop, not just on certain things most of the members of their reward program probably already have; it's kind of insulting.  It's not even like I could use those to gift stuff to friends, as it's all linked onto my account, so the only people who can use these rewards is me, myself, and I.  To put it bluntly, Club Nintendo may not have been all that amazing, but in comparison to My Nintendo, Club Nintendo blew My Nintendo out of the water.

So what do you guys think?  Am I just being cranky?  Or does anyone else legitimately not like the My Nintendo program?
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My Nintendo is worse than useless.

The only thing useful that I liked from there is the Breath of the Wild mini-guide, which to be honest, doesn't provide any good hints that are not already mentioned in-game.

Oh, and My Nintendo also gives out Platinum Points for using third-party antisocial media.

Looks like those who value privacy (and sanity to some degree) won't be getting maximum available points.
Not to mention the fact that if you got platinum ranking for the year, with club Nintendo, you usually got a amazing prize, like a statue, pins, or other exclusive content. Not mention on the amazing posters they had!
With Club Nintendo, I got the Kirby's Epic Yarn decals that I can use to stick.
It pleases me to know I'm not alone regarding how awful I think My Nintendo as a service is.

As I mentioned before, I really don't care for most of the rewards My Nintendo is currently offering; I exchanged some points for a discount on Fire Emblem Sacred Stones since I would like to play through that at some point, otherwise I just couldn't care less about these rewards (already have Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, don't have a New 3DS so all of those rewards don't matter to me, not really all that interested in or already have the retail downloads being offered and would probably just buy hard copies of anyway, only guide on there I would have any interest in is the Animal Crossing New Leaf one, and I honestly haven't played that in months (btw, I got that game for free via Club Nintendo too)). I looked at my point history and the last time I exchanged points was back in January for some character themes, and the last meaningful exchange was back in November. Apparently the points can expire after a while too, which is just absolute nonsense; whoever designed this stuff is a total jerk.

I actually got the Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS soundtracks via Club Nintendo during their Mewtwo promotion and have a few of the posters for that hanging around somewhere in storage. I don't remember if I got anything else that was really unique from them (as I mentioned earlier, I mostly used it to get Virtual Console games for my Wii, probably about half of them were acquired this way), I wasn't buying all that many games at the time and it was kind of a hassle to build up points for it; you needed to punch in those 16-character long codes that came with new copies of applicable games they were selling to earn some.
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